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No-Sew Border Kit
Try out this exciting quilting technique for yourself! We'll send you a FREE INTRO PATTERN SET on our dime...we only ask you to cover the shipping ($3.95 anywhere in the US). You're going to love making this quilt!
What This Family Run Business is All About:
The Founders:
Tim & Mary Stenros
This husband/wife team makes their home in Alaska and have shared their love of art, quilting, and wild places with 10's of thousands of quilters since first starting Willow Bend Creations in 2006.
Our Motto: "Putting Art Within the reach of every quilter"
We believe that art quilting should belong to every quilter who shares a love for creativity and artistic expression regardless of their level of gifted-ness or previous quilting experience.

We don't claim to be the best quilters in the industry... but what we are the best at is in bringing the ability to make true artistic quilts within the reach of real everyday quilters everywhere.
The Patterns: Empowering everyday quilters
The Continuum Pattern blends beautiful original art with ease of use. These one pc. patterns have captured the hearts of quilters everywhere. And with the recent introduction of the No-Sew Borders...this is an unbeatable system for making fast, beautiful quilts!
 What QUILTERS Are Saying:
"...It Was Much Easier Than I Thought"
As I am a total beginner to quilting (although not to sewing) I was eager to try one of these before starting on the seven beautiful patterns from the Alaska range, which I purchased to use in making a quilt.
I thoroughly enjoyed making the pillow, it was much easier than I thought it would be and everyone who has seen it says how lovely it is. 
Joan Asken, - Lincolnshire, UK
"... Thanks again for all that you do"

I really love what you have been doing. Since I was one of the first ones that participated in your first challenge workshops I have truly learned a lot and enjoy making quits using your easy system.
Toni Haukom, - Kansas, US

"You are doing some amazing work!"
Thank you for all you are contributing to the quilting world. You are doing some amazing work!
Debbie Standefer - Alaska, US

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